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Malaria Nexus is Elsevier’s Global Malaria Resource: A major hub for scientists working in all aspects of malaria research. The website aims to provide free access to some of the latest research on malaria published in Elsevier’s many journals. Articles are regularly uploaded on the site and made freely available to registered members for a period of 3 months. News items and podcast interviews with key leaders in the field are also frequently posted and available for free to registrants. A host of new areas will soon be introduced, so keep an eye on the new developments of the website!

Latest News

Six additional journals join Malaria Nexus!Posted on 17 October 2014

Six additional journals join Malaria Nexus!

Six additional Elsevier-owned journals recently joined Malaria Nexus.

Other News

Posted on 17 October 2014

Two postdoctoral vacancies at the Department of Zoology at the University of Oxford

The Department of Zoology at the University of Oxford has currently two vacancies for Postdoctoral Computational Scientists in Disease Modelling.

Posted on 10 October 2014

Abstract deadline for the conference on the Impact of Environmental Changes on Infectious Diseases 2015 extended until November 10!

The inaugural conference on the Impact of Environmental Changes on Infectious Diseases will be held in Sitges, Spain, on March 23-25, 2015. The abstract deadline has been extended to November 10.

Posted on 10 October 2014

Confirmation of the involvement of 5 loci that play a role in susceptibility to malaria

A study recently published in Nature Genetics confirms the implication of HBB, ABO, ATP2B4, G6PD and CD40LG in determining susceptibility to malaria.

Posted on 10 October 2014

Registration for the 2015 Vaccine Summit is now open

The 2015 Vaccine Summit will be held on October 13-15, 2015, at the O2 in London.

Feature Articles

Posted on 17 October 2014

The origin and diversification of the merozoite surface protein 3 (msp3) multi-gene family in Plasmodium vivax and related parasites

Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, Volume 78, September 2014, Pages 172-184
Benjamin L. Rice, Mónica M. Acosta, M. Andreína Pacheco, Jane M. Carlton, John W. Barnwell, Ananias A. Escalante

Posted on 17 October 2014

A theoretical mathematical assessment of the effectiveness of coartemether in the treatment of Plasmodium falciparum malaria infection

Mathematical Biosciences, Volume 256, October 2014, Pages 28-41
Boboh Kamangira, Philimon Nyamugure, Gesham Magombedze

Posted on 17 October 2014

Cytotoxic effect of carotenoid phytonutrient lycopene on P. falciparum infected erythrocytes

Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology, Volume 197, Issues 1–2, October 2014, Pages 15-20
Shalini Agarwal, Vijeta Sharma, Tanushri Kaul, M.Z. Abdin, Shailja Singh

Posted on 17 October 2014

Ribosomal protein P2 localizes to the parasite zoite-surface and is a target for invasion inhibitory antibodies in Toxoplasma gondii and Plasmodium...

Parasitology International, Volume 64, Issue 1, February 2015, Pages 43-49
Rajagopal Sudarsan, Reshma Korde Chopra, Mudassar Ali Khan, Shobhona Sharma

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